House Hunting

Detached House For Sale
Detached House For Sale
 ‘It’s a bit of a ramshackle old place, isn’t?’
‘Hmm, yes. It is quite unique, considering the other places we’ve looked at.’
‘Unique! Yes I suppose you could call it that.’
‘Shall we go and look inside?’
‘Why bother? This is hardly what we’re looking for is it?’
‘You can’t tell until you’ve had a look around inside. Be sensible, Dear.’
‘Be sensible! I thought we’d agreed we need somewhere modern. Somewhere we can just walk into. Low maintenance and low running costs and all that sort of thing.’
‘Yes. I’m sure you’re right, Dear. Do you have the key the agent gave us? Open the door then.’
‘Good grief! What a dark and draughty hole. Did people really live here? Careful there, the floor’s quite uneven and that staircase looks totally unsafe.’
‘Oh, you do fuss over such little things. There see, it looks so much better now I’ve switched the lights on. The stairs are just a bit shaky, that’s all.’
‘The bathroom quite old fashioned.’
‘Four bedrooms – and nice sized rooms, too.’
‘Thank goodness we’re back downstairs, I can’t believe people could try to sell a house with a staircase that would collapse with a good sneeze.’
‘Oh you do exaggerate. It probably just needs the screws tightening, or something.’
‘Come on. Let’s go. This place should be condemned!’
‘You do have the agent’s phone number, don’t you? I think we should phone and say we’ll take it right away, before someone else snaps it up.’
‘You can not be serious! You are actually suggesting that we to buy this, this, this pile of random debris?’
‘Yes, I’m sure you’re right, but it has so much character, Dear.’

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