All Together Now

The Missing Hole
The Missing Hole

‘We’re going to sit here until the issue is resolved. Aren’t we Girls? I said, aren’t we Girls?’
‘Oh, come on Ladies. We must stick together on this. We can’t let them trample all over us, me must stand united.’
‘Yes, but you can’t expect me to act as spokeswoman for the whole flock if my own committee isn’t united behind me, now can you?’
‘Yes, yes, I’m sure your right My Dear, we could just wait and see what happens, but if we make a stand now, then it will happen that much sooner, won’t it? It stands to reason.’
‘Yes, of course I’m sure. If you remember rightly, only yesterday, or was it the day before? I’m sure it doesn’t matter which day it was – let’s just say recently, shall we? Well. If you remember rightly, only recently there was a perfectly satisfactory hole in the hedge, right here, through which we could walk right into the field next door.
‘Then those men came – so we went off to the other end of the field so we could have a little privacy. When we came back the hole in the hedge, that had become so much part of who we are – so much a part of our identity, was gone. It is just too much!’
‘Quite right. So we are going to sit here, in solidarity, until they bring our hole back! Aren’t we Girls?’
‘I said, aren’t we Girls?’

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