Things Young People Get Up To

Great North Air Ambulance
Great North Air Ambulance

You can tell it’s autumn – here we have a picture of a helicopter. It’s an Aerospatiale AS365 Dauphin, in the livery of our local Air Ambulance. You’d be surprised at the things it got up to when it was younger. It may look all responsible and official in its posh uniform but it has seen Life – with a capital L too, you’ll notice.

In a previous life, while it was pottering backwards and forwards doing its stuff, one of the labels that adorn the inside of all aircraft, in lieu of a nice wood-chip wallpaper, lost interest in hanging on to the vertical portion of the cabin’s interior. With a screech of fingernails it slide unhindered down to the floor. Here we must rely on conjecture. Did it stick to the underneath of the seat? Did it stick to the sole of some passenger’s shoe? Its fate must forever remain unknown.

Meanwhile, dropping his passengers at their destination, the pilot set off for home. As he crossed the Leeds to Liverpool canal on his final approach to Leeds airport – the front passenger door fell off into the canal.

The investigation found that one of the passengers at the last drop off had, on  landing, attempted to open the door using the handle available on the inside.

The missing label? It read – DOOR JETTISON HANDLE, PULL TO JETTISON.

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