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R.I.P. Wayne Ashmead de man

Wayne Ashmead de man

Wayne Ashmead de man

Wayne Ashmead de man  19-03-1964 – 16-10-2016

Wayne has gone. Why did this happen? I don’t think we can ever fully understand. When he entered the Prison Service he seemed to have found his niche. He soon made his mark amongst the prisoners – volunteering to teach reading and writing to those who were interested to learn.

Then, when routinely accompanying a prisoner to hospital for treatment, he found himself with a gun against his head while his charge was released from their shared handcuffs.

Facing violent death was a terrifying experience – but to face death at the hands of the very people he had befriended and encouraged towards a crime-free release from gaol stung almost as badly.

He never recovered.  There were times when he seemed to be back to the same old Wayne – but the sense of keeping himself tightly under control was never far away.

On the 16th October this year he lost the battle.

If it is true that we are reborn – then you have surely earned yourself a better deal next time round, Wayne.

We love and miss you.


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  1. 2016-10-24 at 08:11

    Such a sad story.

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  2. R
    2017-02-09 at 19:45

    RIP Ash x

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  3. 2017-02-11 at 10:46

    May his gentle soul continue to rest in peace. Indeed, he never recovered from that incident

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  4. RHB
    2017-02-11 at 11:32

    I’m so sorry to read this tragic news. Along with our colleague Ann, I was with Ash on that fateful hospital escort. I spoke with Ann yesterday to share the news. We will both never forget his bravery that day. RIP.

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  5. Julie Clark
    2017-02-11 at 16:19

    Oh wow, how sad. I worked with Wayne for a while at Scrubs, what a sweet guy.
    What happened?
    RIP Wayne

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    • 2017-02-11 at 19:35

      It is a real comfort to us that you took the time to comment – thank you Julie


  6. Charlie
    2017-02-11 at 20:44

    When I think of Ash, I smile because we laughed hard and often. So many memories.
    R.I.P my friend


  7. Simon Maynard
    2017-02-21 at 23:08

    I’m truly saddened at hearing of Ash’s passing.
    A great guy to work with.
    Rest in Peace mate.


  8. wherestuffcomesfrom
    2017-05-31 at 18:15

    I am so very sorry to hear this news. I would be grateful if you could contact me directly. Many thanks. Sue


  9. 2017-09-01 at 16:56

    I am so sorry to hear this Wayne was my first cousin I met him a few times he often crossed my mind especially last year i am so sad we never kept in touch RIP Wayne.


    • 2017-09-01 at 21:51

      Hi Barbara – thank you so much for your comment – it means a lot to all of us.
      PS – I liked your blog – you should post more things there.


      • 2017-09-01 at 22:07

        Thank you did Wayne have any children and is Marie still alive I would love to meet up

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  10. 2017-09-01 at 22:10

    Hi Barbara – I’ll send you an email – it’s too long for a comment!


  11. Peter P
    2019-12-28 at 08:48

    Wayne and I were good friends in the mid to late 1980’s.
    We met on the London Underground where we both worked as Railmen, then Station Foreman, Wayne based at Totteridge Station.
    We would hang out in pubs around the West End or Angel or Manor House.
    We would often meet up at his home and his mother Marie was so friendly.
    We had a blast during a fortnight in Ibiza in 1987, Wayne’s outgoing and warm personality made him so much fun to be around.
    I still have some treasured photos from that period.
    We lost touch around 1990 and always thought about him Hoping to make contact again but I could not find him on social media.
    Very sad still to find out how things ended up.
    Thank you Wayne for the great memories.


    • 2019-12-28 at 13:25

      Thanks for your memories Peter – I’ll mention you to Marie next time we talk.


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