The Beginning of the End

Cows and grass
Cows and grass

Here we are in October, at the back end of the year – the year is now tailing off some might say. All the cows we’ve been conversing with, over the last five or six months, are now stepping out on the next stage of their career path. You see around this time of the year, as those of you with lawns to mow can confirm, the grass stops growing and our cows must move on.
Once moss and ferns had done their act and cleared all their stage props out of the dressing rooms, the grass was able to take centre stage. However there’s always someone, isn’t there – and in grasses case that someone was trees. You see the woods are constantly doing their best to upstage the grass by shading the ground and collecting all that sunlight and applause for themselves. Luckily the grass had powerful, or at least large, friends with big feet. By the simple expedient of growing from the bottom of the leaf (instead of the top) they ensured that their act appealed to large browsers – who promptly trampled the woodland’s expansion attempts into the dust. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

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