Don’t Be Petty

Euphorbia - Petty Spurge
Euphorbia – Petty Spurge

These tiny little flowers, almost too small to see amongst the leaves that surround them, have spent millions of years getting to this level of insignificance. This is a Euphorbia and probably, or at least – depending who you believe and who they believe – one of two thousand different varieties. Google and I are just not sure – there are so many that look similar and none that look exactly like ours – but we think this is a Petty Spurge.
In southern Africa, Euphorbia varieties vary from a huge tree all the way down to a small rock plant. They fill the niche that cacti (or cactuses – suit yourself) occupy. It is the way the flowers have adapted that sets them apart.
When you think of things that have been around for a million years or so, it is tempting to think that we are viewing something from the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. The amazing thing about the Euphorbia is that it is no archaic relic. It has been in continuous development for all this time and this specimen is a modern and as up to date as next years roses.

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