Scary Stories

Possibly Water Mint
Possibly Water Mint

The photo today is a sort of mint – it might be Water Mint as it was growing near water – but then all the other twenty varieties and over two hundred hybrids grow near water too – so it might not be. In fact, let’s be honest the odds are a little on the high side. Perhaps it might be better to have started with: The photo today is a sort of mint – it probably isn’t Water Mint. There, the stress and pressure of the whole post has diminished quite significantly, don’t you agree?

Well, don’t relax too much, this is where we get to the bad news. Mint, you’d think, well, it’s just mint, isn’t it? That’s what I thought, too. But I had a serious chat with Google – I think he was having a bad day, he isn’t usually like this. If you take that ordinary, just mint, and distil it and do other unimaginable stuff to it, you end up in a sorry state. A teaspoonful of your concoction can bring death and destruction to even a healthy adult. And babies and children can have paroxysms and stop breathing if they just smell it. Tell that to the lamb chops.

This is more than I can cope with – I think I’ll close Google and go and curl up in a fetal position on Facebook.

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