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Lady's Thumb
Lady’s Thumb

While we’re on the subject of nature’s whimsies, here we have a picture of Lady’s Thumb.
In the centre of the village we have an area of grass that we refer to as the green. It isn’t a huge area – certainly not big enough to have a cricket pitch in the middle, nor could we realistically fit a duck pond on it, it is however, kept neat, tidy and mown by Harold, who lives just opposite.
While the green itself is maintained in strict accordance to some gardener’s handbook or manual that permits nothing other than grass to occupy any area of lawn, in the gutter and between the kerb stones, nature, in the raw, runs rampant – and it’s here that many an interesting find can be made.
Earlier this year this gutter was sprinkled with these pale pink plants. Then they did their thing – flowered, produced seed, scattered them, etc., and went back indoors to become addicted to daytime television. Now, with this year’s mild winter and early spring, summer has been and gone and we are already seeing autumn all around us, but look – our Lady’s Thumb is back to have another go at spring.
Some people are gluttons for punishment.

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