Bridesmaids In Blue
Bridesmaids In Blue

‘Oh, good grief, where is she?’
‘Who, Mummy, Auntie Chloe?’
‘Yes, Caroline dear. The bridal car left before us, remember, so she should be here already.’
‘Maybe she’s just stuck in the traffic.’
‘Let’s hope so, Dear.’
‘Mummy, if you and Auntie Chloe are twins, why didn’t you both get married at the same time?’
‘I’ve no idea Pip, sweetie. Douglas was such a nice man. Is that the car,now? Oh no, that’s not it – and then to and cancel everything at the last minute like that – when she knew how important it was for Daddy and I. Oh, where is she?’
‘Why were you and Auntie Chloe so cross with Daddy this morning?’
‘Because he and Uncle Jeff went out and got drunk last night . . .’
‘Thank you Caroline, that’s quite enough. Let’s just say that Uncle Jeff did something Auntie Chloe told him not to – and Daddy was supposed to stop him . . . But he didn’t. Oh where, oh where is she.’
‘Ooh – is that why Auntie Chloe told Daddy to tell Uncle Jeff he better be feeling lucky?’
‘Caroline, please. You’re not helping. Just peek in the church and see if Daddy and Uncle Jeff are waiting at the alter, Dear.’
‘Carrie, your bridesmaids dress is blue, my bridesmaids dress is blue and Mummy’s bridesmaids dress is blue, we’re three bridesmaids in blue.’
‘Yes, we are Pippy sweetie. Oh Mummy, if Auntie Chloe doesn’t come – I won’t be able to be a bridesmaid.’
‘Now, Carrie darling, please don’t cry. Look, look, I’m sure that’s the right car. Yes, it is. Oh, thank goodness. Here she is!’
‘You’re a bit late Chlo.’
‘Yes, I know Sis.’
‘Right – Pip, Caroline, spread Auntie Chloe’s train out nicely for me. There, that’s it. Now girls, remember, you have to sprinkle the rose petals in front of Auntie Chloe, not, are you listening Pip, not on the people in the pews.’
‘Here’s my music, Sis – shall we go?’
‘You had me worried for a minute, there, Chlo.’
‘You shouldn’t have, Sis. I pretty much have to be here. Just like you and Darren, remember?’

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