Ruled By Jupiter. By Jove

Herb Bennet
Herb Bennet

You know those really irritating burs that stick on everything from socks to the dog? Well, this is what they look like when they’re in flower – before they get to that hard-to-remove bur stage. Aside from the names you’ll, no doubt, give it as you’re struggling to remove these burs – you could call it Herb Bennet or you could call it Wood Avens, or Coleroot, Colewort, Cloveroot, St.Benedict’s Herb, Bennet’s Root, or even Old Man’s Whiskers. What’s in a name?

As many gardeners will attest, it has good strong roots and is very difficult to remove once it takes hold in a shady flower bed. But hold on – before you spray it with weed killer – guess what? It’s edible. Not only that but those tough roots have a nice smell of cloves and are very good for keeping the moths away from your clothing.

However, being ruled by Jupiter, it really shines when it comes to mad dogs and poisonous snakes. It’s even better if you have the odd evil spirit that you need protection against – and it’s good for mouth ulcers, too.

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