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Cuckoo Flower or Lady's Smock
Cuckoo Flower or Lady’s Smock

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These days there are plenty of ways to protect the environment – and we use them all. Social media campaigns, charities needing our money, legislation and so on. It wasn’t always this easy. For much of the past, the environment was on its own. It didn’t do so badly, though. Of course, there were considerably fewer of us humans around then, so we didn’t do as much damage. Perhaps we should rather say, it took us longer to do the same damage.

Our picture this week is the Cuckoo Flower – also known as Lady’s Smock. If the cuckoo still visited this part of the world, it would turn up at around this time of the year. So the flower was used by blackbirds as a warning of when they could expect a sudden and unplanned addition to the clutch.

But it’s when it comes to environmental protection that the flower excels. No Society for the Protection of the Cuckoo Flower needed. No legislation to persecute wanton vandals, denuding the countryside of its pale lavender or white flowers, required. This plant has more powerful protection. A well known fact is that picking these flowers causes thunderstorms and if you take them indoors with you – your house with probably be struck by lightning.

I’ll bet there are a great many endangered wild flowers out there who wish they could say the same.

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