You know how it is, some people can’t get enough novelty. Off to far away beaches this year, skiing in the mountains the next, backpacking in the jungle or the bright lights of some capital city with the latest and greatest in entertainment laid on. It really doesn’t matter, as long as it’s somewhere they haven’t been before, doing something they haven’t done before. Naturally, that period of their lives spent in the place they hardly ever visit, often referred to as – Home – is used to prospect and plan the next item on their bucket list.

Then there are those who go on holiday just for the change of air. No bucket list here. Bucket and spade, maybe. Home from home is what they are looking for. The same place and the same lodgings, with the same rooms – often booking next years holiday before the end of this years stay – just to be safe. They can be found, without fail, in the same deck chairs in the same place on the pier at the same time of year. The staff in the ice cream kiosk all know they are tubs – the ones with the little wooden spoons – not cornets.

We’re beginning to see a few old friends around as the tourist season gets underway. We stopped to chat to this guy today – he said he remembered us from last year – isn’t that nice!

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