Seasonal Repeats

Tree Sparrows fighting
Tree Sparrows fighting

You see, there was this wedding, and all the Greek Gods and Goddesses had been invited. But not the Goddess of Discord – who’d invite her? Naturally she invited herself. She was stopped at the door.

Not allowed to present her gift, she rolled it into the room. It turned out to be a golden apple inscribed – For The Fairest. Three Goddesses, each immediately claimed it was for her. To settle the issue, they appeared – naked, just to keep things fair – in front of a simple shepherd. Not being that simple, he refused to incur the wrath of two of them by selecting a third. At this point the Goddesses resorted to bribery and he eventually caved in to the offer of marriage to the most beautiful woman in the world. Two things muddy the water at this point. First, she had already been married off, as part of a political deal, by her father – her name was Helen, by the way, and second, our simple shepherd was actually the king of Troy, Paris.

So, off Paris went to collect his winnings – and returned to Troy with the entire population of the Greek peninsular – including Agamemnon and Achilles – in hot pursuit.

The Greeks hung around outside Troy for nine years, doing a little friendly rape and pillage, just to keep their eye in. (An army of around 100,000, foraging for nine years, can you imagine what that did to the countries around there?) In the process they picked up a couple of the top local beauties, Briseis, who was awarded to Achilles, and Chryseis, who was awarded to Agamemnon.

As if they hadn’t caused enough trouble already, the Gods interfered and made Agamemnon give Chryseis back to her dad. Agamemnon had a hissy fit, then went and took Briseis from Achilles’ tent – without even asking.

Achilles told Agamemnon what he could do with his war, and went home – taking his football with him, and spoiling the fun.

Today’s picture is of a couple of tree sparrows, fighting over some woman. Some people have no sense of history.


Don’t forget to look at now and again.

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