Crocus and a snowdrop
Crocus and a snowdrop

‘How long have we been here?’
‘Not very long, about five minutes.’
‘No one else seems to be here yet.’
‘Well, we decided it would be better to be a bit early, remember?’
‘Oh yes, to avoid the crowds. Well, we’ve done that all right.’
‘I’m sure everyone else will be here, shortly.’
‘We aren’t that early are we?’ I thought we’d calculated it quite carefully.’
‘We have been here for just seven minutes.’
‘Oh. Is that all? Time seems to dawdle along when you’re waiting, doesn’t it?’
‘Would you like to walk around a bit and see if we can see anyone we know?’
‘You’re sure this is the right day, aren’t you?’
‘I checked the calendar, and I checked the email when you asked me about that before we left home.’
‘Oh, yes. So you did. Might as well wait here, then.’
‘It is still a little early.’
‘As you’re wearing that white hat, I presume this is someone’s wedding.
‘Philippa and Charles, dear. Philippa and I share an office at work.’
‘Ah yes, I remember you saying. Have I met her at all?’
‘Probably not. You might recognise her from the times you’ve dropped me off at work, though. She’s quite a pretty girl.’
‘Talking about pretty girls, you are looking stunning. That green really does suit you, you know.’
‘Why, thank you, Darling. You’re looking very smart, too.’
‘Ah. People. At last!’
‘Oh. Look. There’s Denise over there – you remember her, don’t you? Let me take your arm Darling.’


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