Suddenly, The Fields Are Full Of . . .

This Year's Lambs
This Year’s Lambs

We have large numbers of sheep around here. In fact, if you pause to look in almost any direction, you will find that, one or several, sheep wander across your field of view. Over these last few months the general form factor of the sheep population has changed and they have become significantly wider.

On our rambles, from time to time, we surprise the occasional animal just meandering along – in much the same way that we are, really. At first they seem indignant to have been interrupted in their peregrinations, then a look of guilt steals over their faces as it dawns on them – we are on the right side of the fence, and they are not. This realisation is usually followed by a quick dash back to the hole that they made in the hedge. They scrabble through, then stand and, having recovered their poise, they look at us disdainfully – safe in the knowledge that they are, once again, in the right.

This increase in girth, that had affected almost all sheep, and that had been preventing them from making use of the small gaps in the hedge, is now a thing of the past. Almost overnight, it seems, the fields are full of svelte sheep – and lambs.

By the way, have you been over to recently?

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