Every now and again, over the last week, we have been beset by a strange brightness during the day. This seems to be connected to a large yellow-coloured blob that we have observed, in the sky, from time to time. At least, the unnatural light seems to occur only when the yellow blob is in the sky. We haven’t had the brightness without the blob, and we haven’t had the blob without the brightness, so we think it’s fair to assume some form of connection. However, some of our more scientifically inclines readers may wish to dispute this, as we have no reports that the effect can be independently verified, nor have we submitted it to peer review.

We are not, of course, going to indulge in sensational flights of fancy and claim the involvement of extra-terrestial beings. Nor do we intend to claim to have been kidnapped and carried off to view marvels of the future, that will, one day, bring universal world peace and contentment to mankind.

At this time, our main hope is to have the oportunity to continue with our observations. This will allow us to apply for a government, EU, or Arts Council grant, and carry our work on to its natural conclusion.

Meanwhile, we are having some nice sunsets.

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