Pussy Willow or Sallow
Pussy Willow or Sallow

The phone camera definitely has a mind of its own. Until now, we have assumed that attempting any type of close-up was a sure fire method of achieving the sort of pointless blur that removed any possibility of remembering what the picture was supposed to be.

Today’s picture is a branch of Sallow or Goat Willow, often also known as Pussy Willow. We have walked past this branch every other day this week, stopping each time to try to get a decent picture of its soft fluffiness. We must have eight or ten fuzzy images of its soft fuzziness. Today, I accidentally tapped the screen twice, taking two photos. The first one fitted the mould – fuzzy. This is the second, beautifully in focus.

What made the camera decide to avoid the object I had placed squarely in the bracket and focus on the sticks in the background in all the previous pictures – and yet focus on the flower in this one? My guess is that this is one of those mysteries that will remain forever unresolved.

Another mystery that bids to remain unresolved is, why is it in flower now? It is only supposed to be in flower in time for Easter. I know we’ve had a mild winter – but this is the only Sallow in the area currently in flower.

3 thoughts on “Inexplicable

  1. Hi Sue – we have half a dozen of these trees along the beck – where you would expect them to be – and no sign of any flowering. This one is in a well trimmed hedge half way up the hill and it has been flowering for a week. I think it just has no sense of timing.
    Yes, I had heard somewhere about using them instead of palm leaves on Palm Sunday, I didn’t think anyone still did that.


  2. Looks so beautiful! 🙂
    Well, this is a mistery like the snowdrops from my small park. There are plenty but it should be winter. And, as far as we know the snowdrops are harbringers of spring. At least in my country.
    I can’t explain it … but I guess the weather has her fault, because we don’t have snow.


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