Some Urgency

First Daffodil Of The Year
First Daffodil Of The Year

Just down the end of our little lane – our lonnin – at this time of year, quite suddenly, a daffodil appears. This year, with the mild weather, we have plenty of green spikes on the banks and the road verges. They, however, are mere shoots, a couple of inches at the most, with only the suggestion of a flower bud. This particular flower is in full bloom, a very welcome sight indeed, its bright yellow blossom breaking the monotony of the green and brown that have been our lot for the winter months.

It’s tempting when, as we walk down the lane to the gate, we see this bright and cheerful herald of Spring, to really believe that Winter is on its way out. Experience has taught us though – this is not the time to throw caution to the winds and pack away the winter woolies.

This particular plant is a futurist, up there at the bleeding edge, ahead of the game, and we feel a curious kinship. We too, are fed up with sitting round waiting for someone to do something; we too, have had enough of dark days and closed in nights; we too, just want to get on!

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