A Light Dusting

Sun And Snow On The Mountains
Sun And Snow On The Mountains

After what has seemed like months of living perpetually inside a cloud, with no horizon, and no real way to tell where the ground ends and the sky begins, the unseasonably warm, wet weather has given way – to the sort of cold, bright and still days we associate with winter. Everyone has wrapped up and cheered up, isn’t it amazing what a little sunshine will do.

The sun, you see, was totally fed up with seeing nothing but the backs of clouds. It has, after all, finished with summer down in the southern hemisphere, there’s just a few lose ends to tidy up. Although it doesn’t have much time for us yet, when it pops it’s head up to peek through the south facing windows, it can see that winter is definitely looking worn, jaded and very ragged round the edges.

What was obviously needed was a bit of a clean up.  Not a fully fledged Spring clean, there isn’t time for that yet, but there was certainly a need a quick wipe down to remove that film of damp grey that seemed to cover everything.

Once that was done, and things were looking a bit brighter, our mountains were given a light dusting of snow – in lieu of icing sugar.

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