All sorts

Great Tit and Blue Tit on the bird feeder
Great Tit and Blue Tit on the bird feeder

If you were to lump all of humanity into one big heap, then try to sort them out into a number of pigeon-holes, you would soon run out of pigeons. It would probably be fairly simple to sort them, say, with all the little boxes going in one direction, by something as basic as skin colour. You could start from the palest and work your way, horizontally, to the darkest. This ease of differentiation, though, would fall apart, as soon as you tried to filter the vertical columns by some other constant.
The trouble is that there are so many personality facets that we humans share in common, yet at the same time we we differ in so many more. This, luckily, keeps the likes of Google and Facebook fully employed. We all rush off to wherever the latest opportunity to pour all our foibles into the crucible of ‘Big Data’, is to be found – just on the chance of a selfie. It would seem that our individuality, our differences, is the thing we value most in ourselves, and the thing we disparage most in others. Ah well. It takes all sorts to make a world, I suppose.
The picture is a Great Tit and a Blue Tit on the bird feeder.

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