Fell Walks

Snowy Mountains
Snowy Mountains

A sprinkling of snow on the Cumbrian Mountains – probably the UK’s biggest outdoor playground. Acres and acres of sheep and fell walkers. The fells are the mountains and the local sport of Fell Walking is a typical British understatement.

The lakes that constitute The Lake District fill the valleys, among the Cumbrian Mountains, that were left behind when the last lot of glaciers retreated – thanks to global warming. These glacial valleys are steep to vertically sided, and it is up this green and pleasant land that fell walkers ‘walk’ – usually on all fours clinging on for dear life.

Luckily, the area close to many of the lakes is encouragingly flat and an assortment of walks have been established here, for the less enthusiastic exercise fanatics – and people pushing babies in pushchairs. As can be imagined, the best views are at the end of pathways that no pushchair in its right mind would attempt.

There are, though, plenty of Lakeland Fables concerning groups of friends man-handling colleagues in wheelchairs to the point where they, too, could enjoy the view – if not the ascent and descent.

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