Hercules and all that

The Adventures of Fin

find out more at http://www.everopenstorybook.com

You know Hercules? The guy who did the twelve impossible things? Well there were some things even he didn’t attempt. Nobody ever asked him if he could, just once, get the kids into bed at a reasonable time, without making an absolute drama of it. You know how it is, well, some things are just impossible, right?

But we have a solution for you. Not just one, not just two, not even three – but, nine! Yes, nine, bedtime stories all in one book!

Even Hercules was amazed!

All these stories have been thoroughly field tested on my own grandchildren, to make sure they come up to par (they have also been vetted and passed by my daughters as suitable for bedtime – that’s category B).

Pop over to http://www.everopenstorybook.com – where the free story of the moment is The World of Wobbles – and read how Intergalactic, Super Space Hero Fin Lightning saved the Universe from the worst Trifle Shortage in living memory.

More amazing still is that you should be able to buy the book on Amazon in the next few days. (This is my first try at using Amazon so things may not go exactly as planned – keep you fingers crossed for me, and post here if you have any problems.)

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