We Have The Technology

Spiders Web With Dew Drops
Spiders Web With Dew Drops

There has been some research in China showing that, when moisture interacts with the silk of a spider’s web, strange things happen. The strands of silk change and actually trap and hold the moisture, directing it down towards a node in the spider’s web, a place where two strands intersect. The silk at these places, where two strands cross, acts quite differently. At these nodes the moisture changes the silk to a state that rejects water, allowing the dew collected by the strands to form droplets and drip off.
So, if you lived in a desert with lots of fog, which a surprising number of people do, you could set up a fine mesh net and collect your drinking water at dawn, when the fog rolls in off the sea. The nice thing here, is that the fog and the net do all this without any form of human intervention. This means that there is no need for anyone to get up at those unearthly hours, often referred to as Early Morning, to make sure all concerned turn up on time.
As it happens, while we have plenty of fog, we don’t live in a desert. In other words, “We have the technology” but . . .

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