Not Over The Moon

Cow - Not Over The Moon
Cow – Not Over The Moon

‘Well, it’s been quite a disappointment, you know. I mean, it was a Supermoon, and all that. Admittedly, it was the third – we’ve had a good year, this year – so I suppose we shouldn’t be too upset, but, well, everything was organised – and then, to be let down at the last minute!’
‘It was that Cat. That faithless, fiddling feline! He had agreed to be here with us – and then he took better booking.’
‘Oh, a big herd, just over the border in Dumfries and Galloway. We certainly don’t have the resources to compete with them. And then, to add insult to injury, he offered to upload the music to our phones instead – for half the original fee!’
‘Exactly what I said, “Whatever happened to tradition?” I said, so we decided it would be better to cancel.’
‘Yes, the Little Dog was a bit put out – said he’d been looking forward all week to howling with laughter, but he was very understanding. We refunded his ticket, of course.’
‘The Dish and The Spoon? Oh, they don’t care. They have a caravan in Wales, you know. They run off to it all the time. Near New Quay, I believe.’
‘Oh, is it? Dolphins and everything, really? How nice!’

One thought on “Not Over The Moon

  1. I’m afraid you can’t depend on cats. They are aloof, stand-off’ish and to exactly what they please. I’m sad for the cow of course. It must have put in some training – and all for naught!

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