Fungal Failure

Blue Mushroom
Blue Mushroom

Walking down the lane towards the gate one day this week, I thought I saw a large brass button lying amongst the wind blown drifts of oak twigs and leaves. Not a nice shiny button, you understand, but a brass button that had lain there for a while – long enough to acquire a colourful patina of verdigris.
I cleared away a little of the debris to open a less obstructed view and my brass button turned into a mushroom, or perhaps, my brass button turned into a toadstool. I know they are both a fungus, but this was such a bright shiny blue that I hesitated to affix that slightly unsavoury label to it. However, on careful consideration, I had to admit to myself, that the thought of this morel as a savoury morsel sat uncomfortably on the appetite.
Now, as you are well aware, it’s not what you know, but who you know in this world, that makes the difference. Google and I are, if not friends, at least, nodding acquaintances. However, when it comes to the various varieties of fungus, Google, really, doesn’t have a clue.

4 thoughts on “Fungal Failure

    1. I did leave questions on several web sites (wild about the British Isles is my favourite) but no response at all. From what I gathered – reading everything I could find – fungus is really quite difficult to identify. There are an enormous number of different types and the same type can look quite different at different points in its life.
      If I do hear from anyone – I’ll update the post or leave a comment.


  1. John – over at says –
    “Hi David
    This will be one of two Stropharia species. Either Stropharia caerulea (Blue Roundhead) or Stropharia aeruginosa (Verdigris Roundhead). The Blue Roundhead is much more common.”

    I looked up both his suggestions, and Google seems to think that while not lethal – they can give you a nasty tummy ache. I’m not that much of a mushroom fan that I’m prepared to risk it – so it’s safe from me!


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