Two Rooks - Too Misty To Fly
Two Rooks – Too Misty To Fly

October is upon us, and although we are still living the high life of British Summer Time (and proud of it – none of your Universal Time Coordinates or even boring old Daylight Saving Time for us, I tell you!) it won’t be long before we have to downsize – back to the cold and drab of mean old Greenwich time.
Autumn is waiting in the wings, occasionally she peeks out through the curtain – just to see what sort of audience she has. Most days we have a little rain and a little sunshine but, now and again we are treated to a tiny taste of what is to come – we have a day when the world doesn’t bother to get out of bed and she leaves the curtains drawn. On these days, we struggle through the gloom, with our horizons only extending to the nearest damp and bedraggled sheep.
Winter is a time often associated with ‘Good Flying Weather’. Bright, sharp sunlight and the air so cold and thick that you only need half as much under your wings as you usually do.
This is one of the former days – not one of the latter.
Low visibility. Low cloud ceiling. No flying today.

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