All Downhill From Here.

Robinson R44 MkII helicopter
Robinson R44 MkII

During the Spring and on into Summer, we entertain you with the local flora and fauna. At the first promise of relief from the dark, damp and cold of Winter’s tail-coats, we offer a panorama of country life, a bay window on the biosphere as it goes about its business.
Lambs, of course, are our first line of defence against annual ennui, we quickly follow that with our, very personable, sheep. A few cows, perhaps, at this point? Then, as Spring moves off, leaving everything spick and span for Summer, we have an array of wild flowers, complete with comments by Google, for your elucidation.
Summer starts in a relaxed mood, but as Autumn nears she begins to feel the pressure and to worry that things won’t be ready on time.
Autumn is the opposite, She comes in with a great bustle, sending the rooks off, to fly in raucous waves, washing over field and new turned furrow. Hay is mown, hedges are trimmed, and the clouds scurry in from the west, looking for a comfortable roosting place. All we are left to photograph – is thistle down – in short, fluff. This is the time of year when the grumble and whine of a passing helicopter is most welcome.
Google says that this is a R44 mkII made by the Robinson Helicopter Company. They have a factory in California with the capacity to manufacture 1000 helicopters a year. They currently only make a couple of hundred, so if you have the price of a decent three bedroom house handy, I’m sure they’d be pleased to hear from you.

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