Fly Away Peter . . .

Rosebay Willowherb - Seeds Dispersed
Rosebay Willowherb – Seeds Dispersed

‘Phew. They’ve gone!
Listen to that glorious noise. Well, I mean lack of noise, of course.’
‘Yes, yes, what I really mean is glorious silence. Isn’t it beautiful!
There’s no music blasting out; that wretched computer game noise isn’t on its continuous loop; the TV isn’t switched on at full volume with no one in the room watching it. Heaven!’
‘I wonder what they did with the TV remote before they left?
Hold on. let me lift the sofa cushions up, we may as well know what we’re up against.
I thought they promised to run round with the Hoover before they went?
Humph! A fair amount of small change but no remote. Probably in the freezer or the microwave, that’s where they spent most of their time.’
‘Oops! What’s that?’
‘Something on the floor, I felt it crunch when I stood on it.
There you go. It’s the TV remote. That’s lucky, we’d never have found it if they’d taken up to their bedrooms.’
‘No phone call to say they’ve arrived safely, yet?’
‘Oh, yes, of course.’
‘Should I send a text to remind them to phone when they get there, then?’
‘I’ll just put the TV on, shall I?’
‘No? OK.’
‘Isn’t it quiet!’

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