To Bee Or Not

Knapweed And Bee
Knapweed And Bee

Today’s picture is quite an interesting one. Although we know what it is, we actually don’t know what it is. Even poor old Google became so confused he threw up his hands, and threw in the towel.

It’s either a Common Knapweed or a Lesser Knapweed. The problem is that the Common Knapweed has been seen dallying with the Lesser Knapweed. Now, you might think that the Lesser Knapweed was getting a bit above itself and should, no doubt, be put in its place. Except, of course, there is the fact that the Common Knapweed is, well, you know, erm, common, so in fact, the Lesser Knapweed may just be the best it can do to better itself.

Never the less, for the sake of decency, they should be encouraged to stay with their own kind. I’m sure there are enough nice Common Knapweeds around. There really is no need, at all, for them to venture over on the wrong side of the track and fraternise with those ‘Lesser’ plebs.

But then, there are those who say – “It’s too late!” The differences between Lesser and Common cover the entire spectrum. There is nowhere to draw the line. Only a large, fuzzy area somewhere in the middle. Surely, Linnaeus could have said something.

I blame that bee myself.

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