A Double Edged Sword

Yarrow - or Milfoil
Yarrow – or Milfoil

As promised, this week we have a picture of Yarrow. It has been used for various things, by almost everyone in the world, ever since we first thought of it.
Google and I explore the internet regularly, looking for interesting facts that would be of benefit to mankind generally – and to you, gentle reader, specifically. We have noticed, on these information-harvesting forays, that the longer humankind has been using a naturally occurring plant, landscape feature, or substance, the more names we give it. I won’t bore you with the couple of paragraphs of ‘folk names’ that are currently synonymous with Yarrow, except to mention Milfoil, which is the alias Yarrow tends to use most often today.
We’ve been eating the stuff as a salad vegetable or spinach substitute for ever – but these days, medicinally, its main use seems to be as an enhancer. It makes whatever else you’re taking work better. It seems to work especially well on normalising blood pressure. So be careful – if you’re taking other medication for that sort of thing.
Just stick to rubbing it on sword cuts – it seems pretty safe for that.

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