Robin By The Beck
Robin By The Beck

I have a nice picture of some Harebells – or Scots Bluebells if you live a few miles further north. Then, I have a good picture of Yarrow, currently taking over as the white, umbelliferous blossom of choice on the roadsides and verges. Both these plants have magical associations and I was sure you’d be interested in them.
Then, there is the interesting inference that can be drawn from the fact that both of these ‘power plants’, from the realm of faerie, have appeared as autumn draws near. This led me wonder if this part of the year – with the abundance of nuts, fruit, and seeds – was especially magical.
Looking at it from a strictly business point of view. Now that the harvests are in, customers are more likely to have purchasing power, and – in the dim and distant past, as today – no doubt they were in the market for love charms, relationship advice and personal forecasts for the year ahead.
And speaking of predictions, who would have guessed that this Robin would come and perch not six feet away from us? Not only that, but he sat there, patiently, while I took several pictures. Magical!

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