Sweet Chestnut
Sweet Chestnut

There are times when you watch an endless progression of dark grey clouds hurrying past the window, hoping for a glimpse of blue sky. Day after day, waiting and hoping. Surely we must get some decent weather soon!

Then, magically, the skies clear – but it only happens at night.

This Sweet Chestnut tree offers us a similar challenge. We know that, unlike most other trees, it flowers later in the year. Still, we keep an eye on it right through Spring into May and June. Leaves appear and we start to anticipate the arrival of the flowers.

The flowers themselves, are quite difficult to see, they are insignificant, wispy things. Still, the first sight of them peeking furtively from behind the leaves, is a cause for moderate excitement. From this initial sighting we monitor the tree on alternate days, looking for some sign of progress. You know, they’re flowers – they should, actually, flower?

Nothing happens. Weeks pass and nothing is still happening. Surely, soon the tree will burst into flower and we will be able to photograph it in all its glory? Nothing happens again.

Then, suddenly, there are young nuts forming at the base of the flower we have been waiting and watching over all this time.

The wretched tree has gone and had its babies without telling us!

They are quite cute though – twins, I think.

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