One Swallow

Swallow - Not Making Summer
Swallow – Not Making Summer

Apparently, we have been saying “One swallow doesn’t make a summer” – or variations, since at least the year 1600. We have to assume that, today, we are talking about a different swallow. It would be unnecessarily cruel to demand that the same swallow not make the summer for more that four hundred years. Google did a quick count, and he reckons there are about 1.4 million swallows in the UK at the moment. So, based on his estimate, allowing for the one swallow who is off duty this year, there are 1,399,999 swallows currently making our summer.

Now, I don’t really want to complain, and I certainly wouldn’t want to risk hurting any swallow’s feelings. After all, what if I upset all the swallows and they decide only to send the one who isn’t making the summer next year? As I was saying, I don’t want to complain but, the fact is that this year, it is painfully obvious that some of those 1,399,999 are not pulling their weight.

I suppose, it is possible, that some of them are busy in the south of the country, but come on, now! How about a few of you focusing on us, up here in the north!

(Not sure if the one in the picture is the one who isn’t making the summer this year – or one of those slackers!)

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