In The Clover

Red Clover
Red Clover

So far this year the plan for world domination, hatched late last year by the White Clover, has succeeded admirably. Everywhere we go, the verges and lawns show unmistakable evidence of the spreading tentacles of the Underground White Clover Movement. Not that they don’t have considerable local support, Honey Bees, and their ilk, work tirelessly for the cause.
Now, we actually prefer the Red Clover. But until recently he has been far too shy to put in an appearance. He tends to be uncomfortable on his own and only feels at his best in group settings. The White Clovers tend to be a bit snippy and make fun of his accent, which just triggers his neuroses, so he’s taken to avoiding them when they get together in large gaggles. On a one to one basis though, he feels much more at ease and, in fact, there are a few Whites Clovers that he gets along very well with.
As summer moves on, the bees stop offering table service and the sangria in the pitcher is reduced to a mush of orange peel and cucumber. Then, the White Clovers will roll up their towels and straggle off home, and the sun beds become available. We’re hoping to see more of the Red Clover in the coming weeks.

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