Ribwort flower
Ribwort flower

Eve, as you all know, was made from Adam’s rib. Even the most unobservant observer must have notices that, these days at least, Eves come in assorted shapes and sizes.

Even if you had the right kind of ribs readily available, I suspect that the skills required are not so easily found. The ability to make Eves from ribs has died out – and now must be placed on the Red List, along with flint knapping, bronze casting and washing up without a dishwasher. I did check on Google, thinking there might be evening classes or a part-time course, but no luck.

The reason for this sudden concern with ribs, is that today’s picture is of Ribwort. The flowers look just like a spaceship – or one of those fairground rides, but the leaves have very marked ribs down their length. I can vouch for the fact that a Ribwort leaf can be rubbed on nettle stings to good effect. Whether it will perform the hundred and one other cures attributed to it, I can’t say.

Quinquenervia is the Mediaeval name for the plant – very roughly translatable from the Latin as Five Ribs. This leads us to today’s conundrum.

If you could find workers with the necessary skills, and if you found yourself a little short on this months quota, could you use Ribwort leaves to make five Eves at a time?

3 thoughts on “Quinquenervia

  1. A lovely angle to take its picture from. I took one of a similar plant yesterday. Mine is very messy with stems all over the place. I know it as plantain, but my favourite reference book gives all the plantains a first name. Back to winter today! Sue

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    1. Miserable morning – but nice afternoon – still it’s nice to know there’s a large selection of weather available, I suppose.
      It is a difficult plant to get a nice picture of isn’t it? This is the good one out of six or so, I think.
      I, too, have a shelf of bird and plant books – but I’m afraid Google is my first port of call these days – I’m getting lazy!

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