Inside Out

Lamb Through The Fence
Lamb Through The Fence

‘Hi there. I just came over here to look at all this grass along the fence. It’s actually quite difficult to reach.
‘From over there it looked as if it would be easy to get to, but the holes in the hedge are a bit too small to be able to fit my nose through. I suppose that’s why the others haven’t eaten it already.
‘I was in the barn to start with, you know. There were lots of us in there. I suppose while you’re really young it isn’t too bad to be in a barn, but you soon grow out of it. I wouldn’t want to be in a barn any more, not now. I’m quite grown up, now. In the barn there wasn’t much room. Nowhere to really run around and enjoy yourself. I suppose the best thing about it was that there was always plenty to eat. Out here, you can’t always find your Mum, it’s true. But then there’s all this other stuff to eat. Funny, I never imagined that grass would taste so good, but one mouthful and I was hooked!
‘There’s a gate just down the hedge there, Why don’t you go and stand near that, then, when they come, they might let you out, too’.

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