There’s Been Some Changes Made

Cumbrian Mountains With Snow Cover
Cumbrian Mountains With Snow Cover

Until recently, my ‘office’ was downstairs. Indeed, due to our house being built into a hillside, it was in the only room downstairs. The most useful thing about that room, was that it had the front door in it. Jackie also has an ‘office’ where she stores her craft supplies – she is almost always making something or sewing something – her office is upstairs.

In the winter, because my office was next to the front door, I was always very cold down there. So we decided that I would move upstairs and share Jackie’s craft space.

Now, I need to remind you, that just across the field from our house runs an embankment carrying the railway from Carlisle to Newcastle. Because the downstairs room only had two small windows, neither of which gave a very good view of the embankment, I had arranged a mirror, on a stand, in one of the windows – so I could watch the trains go past. There is a little passenger train that passes us at about twenty minutes to the hour. At almost the same time, (in fact they have crossed in front of the house three times while we have been living here) the train in the other direction also passes.

Now that I’m upstairs, I have the seat next to the window, and any time I look out I can see, not only the trains, but also the mountains.

8 thoughts on “There’s Been Some Changes Made

    1. Iti multumesc – I must confess I did zoom the camera a bit to make it seem nearer – but it is still a beautiful view. Where we live we often have mist and fog and on those days the view of the mountains disappears – then there is a nice clear day and we can see them again – it is like seeing old friends.

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  1. Terrible grammar for a writer, Mr. Ford –
    ‘There’s Been Some Changes Made’? Not
    ‘There Have Been Some Changes Made’???
    Sentences don’t start with words ‘so’ and ‘now’ like that either!


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