Now There’s a Thought.

Cherry Blossom In April
Cherry Blossom In April

What a busy week! Spring bustled in and, before you knew it, Winter had been washed, dried, pressed, folded neatly, and put away in the bottom drawer until November. The Lesser Celandine is now firmly established and running hard to keep ahead of the Dandelions who are power-walking along the verge of every road. Lambs are now so common as to be hardly worth a photograph and as for the Rabbits, well, they are just everywhere.

Snowdrops are just a memory, with the occasional green seed bell still dangling there, forlornly wondering if it was worth hanging on to the end. There are Daffodils around in plenty, but even they are beginning to consider that they may have overstayed their welcome, and are starting to stand up, look for their coats and mention that they really should be going . . .

The Honesty is in flower and the dark purple leaf spikes that herald the arrival of the Rosebay Willowherb have turned green, seemingly overnight. The sheen of Silverweed feathers sprinkle the roadside where the grass is short and the Lungwort flower spikes with their mixture of tiny red and blue trumpets are taking over the shaded spaces.

And here we have Cherry Blossom – it reminded us that in the Autumn we gathered a little jar full of cherries from these very trees – we covered them with sugar and brandy and put them in a dark cupboard.

We wondered how our little jar was getting on – perhaps we ought to check.

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