No Time

Amber With Dandelinon
Amber With Dandelion

Time is funny stuff. It’s easy to convince yourself that it doesn’t exist and we just made it up. Just look at what we do with it. We shuffle months round depending on the emperors available – adding days in here and taking them from there. Interestingly the winter months (in the northern hemisphere) hardly ever have an emperor’s name. It seems that emperors mostly go for summer months.

I presume it’s a politically motivated choice. If you want to be popular you need to donate a public holiday to the masses. A summer month is the best choice here as, not only does it gives the plebes a nice day out but all theĀ mercatores will be out in the market places with their stalls. Add a couple of extra days to the month so that the holiday doesn’t reduce the number of working days and you will get the negotiatores vote as well. Win, win, really.

When Pope Gregory decided to pinch 11 days out of our lives you’d think that would be the end, but no. To this very day we continue to fiddle with time, add an hour here, take away an hour there.

Which brings me to the point of all this discussion – what time is it when you blow on the Dandelion and the seeds don’t fly away?

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