An All-Nighter

New Born Lamb
New Born Lamb

We arrived at the T junction to find it blocked by a very large truck. Huge bags of animal feed were being swung off the back into the farmyard. Naturally we stopped to watch. Jackie and The Dog soon became bored with the marvels of modern mechanisation and moved off. I stayed, because I didn’t want them to think that they’re unloading was, in any way, of no account or boring.
Eventually, the truck driver, after a demonstration of his considerable expertise in turning the very large vehicle in the awkward space of the junction, left and I exchanged a few words about the quantity of animal feed, and expected increase in the size of the flock, with the guy who had been driving the fork lift truck.
“We’ve started lambing already.” offered my informant – so off I went to peer into the nuances of the ovine maternity process. As you can see from the photo the rooms are small, with no TV or Wifi, never-the-less they are provided with all the important accoutrements – but you’re probably more interested in the youngster – safely delivered in the early hours of the morning. He’s up and exploring, even though he (and everyone else) had very little sleep last night.

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