A Good Clear-out

The Beck In Flood
The Beck In Flood

We had Half Term last week and a couple of daughters and a grandson popped up to see us. The weather wasn’t that bad until the day they were due to go home. We arrived at Talkin Tarn for a last opportunity to stretch our legs prior to the long journey home. As we drove into the car park, the heavens opened and dumped an inch of hail on us. It slackened off, and we decided on a dash for the coffee shop, we hardly had the car doors open and – the sun came out. Still, the decision to go to the coffee shop first, stood, I’m pleased to report. This turned out to be one of many such hail storms – almost as though, all through the half term week, the weather had been holding itself in until it burst. Since our guests left we have had those nasty cold winds and rain, hail, rain.
We popped down to see the beck this morning during a break in the rain and sleet. He had on his old brown overalls and was busy giving his bed a good shake-out, bundling all those odds and ends he had collected along the banks off down stream and away. One by-product of this enthusiastic life laundry, I’m pleased to report, is that the stick, which had become stuck in an eddy near the bank during last weeks Pooh Sticks league battles, has at last moved on.

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