Happy New Year

Sheep - What? My year? How nice!
What? My year? How nice!

This isn’t your last chance to have a Happy New Year – we still have the Vernal Equinox to come – so, if you find you are reluctant to allow yourself the luxury of a whole year of happiness, you can always wait for that.

One of the things that we do have in abundance around here is sheep. So to have a year of them won’t seem to be strange or different for us. Those of you who have had to struggle through years of horses, snakes, rats and monkeys, might be feeling a little relieved to have safely navigated the stormy seas of astrological beasts to reach Sheephaven. But for us – it will be business as usual.

The most important thing to remember this year is that friends and family are there to be imposed on. Got a problem? Don’t keep it to yourself for a moment longer than you absolutely have to. Get a friend to buy you a coffee while you immerse them in your troubles. Phone your Mum. Tell her that you really need her advice – and has she made any of those cheese scones lately? It is never too much trouble to organise your friends to listen to your troubles – you only get a year, so make the most of it.

By the way – do you know under what circumstances, New Years Eve and New Years Day fall in the same year?

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