Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind

Snowdrops In The Snow
Snowdrops In The Snow

The weather has turned atrocious these last few days. We had overcast, rain and very strong winds for a while, then two beautifully calm, and comparatively warm, sunny days. Last night the cold, violent winds were back – and this morning, just to avoid boring repetition, we woke to a couple of inches (and counting) of snow. And at this time? We have a lovely warm-ish sunny day and the snow is busy turning into slush as we speak.

You know, it would be easy to think that, as the schools were closed because of the bad weather, the guy in charge in the weather room, had had to bring his children in to work with him – just to keep them out of mischief. I think he’s been called away to attend a meeting. Probably, because of the erratic nature of the current programme, there are serious issues arising from the need to keep the stock levels in the weather stores within the safe band.

You see, the computer goes loopy when the levels fall below a certain value, and it spits out continuous printouts that spill all over the floor and make such a mess – to say nothing of the nuisance of having to keep refilling the paper tray, to stop the beeping noise the printer makes when it’s empty.

Anyway, as I was going to say up at the top there – we’ve had some snow, and I took a picture of some snowdrops. It just seemed to be the thing to do.

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