Power Transformer
Power Transformer

Well! What excitement. We woke up one day this week to find that our electricity had packed its bags and tippy-toed away during the night. I hope it wasn’t something we said.
Finding ourselves in a cold house, with no means of even making a comforting cup of tea, was an unpleasant awakening. Luckily we have lovely neighbours (who, irritatingly, still had the power on) so the cup that cheers was soon forthcoming.
We’ve had a ferocious wind blowing in, straight off the Atlantic – via the width of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Irish Sea – for several days now and this was our prime suspect, so I set about the process of restoration.
First – out into the weather to check the fuse box. No luck there.
Next, a phone call to the people who look after the wires – “Oh no. You’re underground wires, it can’t be our fault!” Undeterred we phoned the people who use those wires to deliver the electricity direct to our door 24/7/365. A short while later I had a call back from the man – he was half a county away, it would be a couple of hours . . .
He came. He looked. He shook his head. “Not us – it’s definitely them.” He phoned the wires people and explained on my behalf. “Oh!” they said “Ah. Yes!” they said. “We’re actually on our way to fix that one right now!”
We decided to retire to the local supermarket to stay out from under their feet – and sit in the warm cafe with a cup of coffee. A couple of hours later I received a call to say it was all up and working.
We were lucky. A great many people have had a far worse power cut for far longer than we had.
So, to all those who were dragged out into the rotten weather on our behalf, and who thought they were just doing their job. By us at least, that day, you were truly appreciated. Thank you, each and every one.

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