Hazel Catkins In Early January
Hazel Catkins In Early January

Have you taken the Christmas Decorations down? Hopefully, you will have by now. I’ve never really understood exactly what would happen if we left them up. Perhaps, we can negate whatever disaster is about to befall those members of the human race who haven’t yet had the time to climb up into the loft – to retrieve the empty boxes that house the decorations for the other fifty weeks of the year – by ‘Liking’ and ‘Sharing’ immediately on one of the many social media sites. I’m sure this will result in instant and constant ‘Good Luck’. Would it be enough to balance whatever we incur by our tardy behaviour, though?

Perhaps you have been too busy visiting the January Sales to devote time to dismantling, unsticking, unpinning – and the fruitless task of trying to remove whatever you used to stick things up with – without removing half the wall. I went to the sales once or twice – before I noticed that the stuff on sale was only the stuff that no-one wanted to buy before Christmas. This had all been piled at the back of the shop in December. In January it came into its own. Any of the popular items that remained from the stress and angst of a Friday of a different colour, were now moved to the back. The unloved merchandise from the back was moved to the front, and adorned with large, colourful labels.

The hazel bush in today’s picture has been to the sales. When it got home, it found it had one like that already – probably bought in last years sales – so it hung it on a hook by the door.

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