2015: The Dangers Ahead

Two Horses In A Field
Two Horses In A Field

At this point in time it would be easier to offer an insight into what could be expected from 2014, however, not deterred by common sense, let us stride forth from our comfort zone into the mists of the year ahead. My first glance into the crystal ball reveals that we can expect the early part of the 2015 to be dominated by people writing predictions for the coming year. Those who tweet their forecasts will fare best, as within a few minutes, their twittering will have dropped off the end of the screen and no-one will even remember that they dabbled in prognostication.

Social media vaticinators will not do so badly either – their posts will probably not appear at all, given that only twenty percent of posts are actually allowed through the filters. Those that successfully run the gauntlet of what computers consider to be right and proper for real people to read, will be virtually swamped by adverts and posts from commerce and industry. The only danger, really, is the annoying habit these social sites have of regurgitating old posts, for no apparent reason, at random intervals. Make sure your black cat is purring before you hit the ‘Post’ button.

Those who commit their adumbration to their blogs – Beware! It is all too easy to look back to last years posts. I predict that you will rue your prophecy.

So, some sunshine, occasional rain, and quite calm if it isn’t windy. There you have it, straight from the horses mouth.

And a Happy New Year to you too!

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