Hoping For The Best

Hog Weed In December - Hoping For The Best
Hog Weed In December – Hoping For The Best

‘I hope we aren’t thinking of inviting that Wolf again this year’ The Third Little Pig said with a pout of dislike, ‘He is so – Me. Me. Me. You can hardly get a word in edge-ways once he starts.’
‘Well.’ said The Second Little Pig, ‘The First Little Pig is out delivering our invitations, so we won’t know who is coming until he gets back. Hold this end of the chain up here, while I go and stick the other end.’
‘It won’t hold you know, sticky tape never sticks, but fold the tape round the last link in the chain and it will make a little pad and we can stick a drawing pin through.’
‘They look pretty but they are so flimsy. This whole paper chain is almost more sticky tape than decoration.’
‘Careful, don’t pull. Now look. It’s come apart again!’
‘A bit more sticky stuff won’t hurt – there, that’s it.’
‘Pin it up quickly, before it comes unstuck again.’
‘There. Hand me one of those big paper bells please, I’ll use the same pin for both. Is that The First Little Pig coming in now?’
‘Hello. Is he coming?’
The First Little Pig sat down to pull off his snowy boots. ‘The Wolf is so sorry, but he won’t be able to come, he’s been invited to Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother’s house this year.’

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