Ancient and Modern

Mountains And Windmills Across The Solway
Mountains And Windmills Across The Solway In Scotland

Three astrologers bearing gifts ~
A baby, a manger, a tree filled with lights ~
Camels in the desert and snow on a fir ~
An old guy with a beard and elves in tights ~

Two thousand years of mix and match ~
A real multi-cultural grab and snatch ~

So whether your Christmas was round the ‘barbie’ ~
or warming your hands to the Yule Tide Log ~
We wish you better than you’d wish for yourself ~
love, ~
David, Jackie and The Dog.

‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

Holly With Berries for Christmas
Holly With Berries for Christmas

The world is in a sorry mess, a Peaceful Earth this place is not //
and as you know too well I’m sure, this is the only earth we’ve got //
So, Peace on Earth is an epic-fail – like yea, you know, but still, //
if each of us puts our heart in it – we can try and do Good Will. //

Hoping For The Best

Hog Weed In December - Hoping For The Best
Hog Weed In December – Hoping For The Best

‘I hope we aren’t thinking of inviting that Wolf again this year’ The Third Little Pig said with a pout of dislike, ‘He is so – Me. Me. Me. You can hardly get a word in edge-ways once he starts.’
‘Well.’ said The Second Little Pig, ‘The First Little Pig is out delivering our invitations, so we won’t know who is coming until he gets back. Hold this end of the chain up here, while I go and stick the other end.’
‘It won’t hold you know, sticky tape never sticks, but fold the tape round the last link in the chain and it will make a little pad and we can stick a drawing pin through.’
‘They look pretty but they are so flimsy. This whole paper chain is almost more sticky tape than decoration.’
‘Careful, don’t pull. Now look. It’s come apart again!’
‘A bit more sticky stuff won’t hurt – there, that’s it.’
‘Pin it up quickly, before it comes unstuck again.’
‘There. Hand me one of those big paper bells please, I’ll use the same pin for both. Is that The First Little Pig coming in now?’
‘Hello. Is he coming?’
The First Little Pig sat down to pull off his snowy boots. ‘The Wolf is so sorry, but he won’t be able to come, he’s been invited to Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother’s house this year.’

Oh, it’s you.

Blackbird - Well. Hello There!
Blackbird – Well. Hello there!

Blackbirds are, of course, black. Everyone knows that. And, in it’s own way it’s true. However, amongst themselves, blackbirds are more adventurous. Quite a few we meet, as we ‘do our rounds’, have added a splash of white here and there in no particular design – a sort of rustic look. Then, there is the reddy-chestnut, speckled outfit that we have in today’s photo. Quite becoming, don’t you think?

The nice thing about this time of year, as we move deeper into winter, is the number of old friends who suddenly seem to have missed us. (They’ve been very busy, you know. Pair up, lay eggs, raise the kids until they show at least a little independence – then finally get them to move out and get on with their own life. Parenting does take up so much time.) The Robin, who would flit off before we came within twenty yards, is now sitting expectantly on the bird table. The Blackbird, who scurried into the hedge at the very sound of our footsteps, now peeps out with a friendly tck tck tck as we pass a few feet away. Even the rooks, whose sharp eyesight warned them of our approach long before they came within camera range now sit sunning themselves as we walk underneath their tree. It won’t last, of course, but while it does – it does make us feel as if we’re beginning to integrate.