Ivy Berries
Ivy Berries

Well, Autumn is definitely here. We come back damp from our daily dawdle – not because the rain is falling, but more because the rain hasn’t got round to falling. It just stands around, chatting, and not really paying attention – a common local practice – and we bump into it by accident.
The sun is currently putting in long hours down in the southern hemisphere. He pops up and peeps over the windowsill now and again, just to make sure we’re all right, but we really don’t see much of him. On heavily overcast days, it is quite dark at three o’clock and we drive everywhere with our lights on all the time – just to make sure that we can be seen in the gloom.
The natural world has rolled up the awnings, pulled down the shutters and is sitting, with the heating turned up, in the comfy armchair looking at next years holiday brochures. All except the ivy. Because it is a law unto itself, ivy has chosen this time of year to display ripe berries. The only reason that we can discern for this behaviour, is that it gives pigeons the opportunity to play Spiderman. Pigeons have an exaggerated opinion of their own athletic build. In practice, they do not have the slim, lightweight proportions of joggers in yoghurt adverts. They are dumpy and plump. While this doesn’t stop them eating the berries while swinging on the end of a long, delicate ivy tendril – they really do look ridiculous.

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