The Latest Moos

Have You Herd the Latest?
Have You Herd the Latest?

‘Did you hear? It just bounced off!’
‘Yes, I didn’t expect much else, to be honest. It was bound to be harder than they expected.’
‘Well, at least it managed to find the place.’
‘True. True. We mustn’t belittle the achievement. It certainly took long enough, though.’
‘That just doesn’t grab me you know, wandering around, searching for the right place. Talk about looking for a needle in a haystack. How would you be sure you had actually arrived, it’s not as if you could expect a welcoming committee waiting to roll out the red carpet for you, now is it?’
‘Oh, it’s all automated now. Not like in my day. Why, most cats these days wouldn’t know what to do with a fiddle if they tripped over one.’
‘And they know it too! I’m tired of trying to talk to them about how we’re loosing all the old skills. Now they just cross the road to avoid talking to me.’
‘I’ve not seen a dish or a spoon lately, either.’
‘Well, I do have a dish.’
‘Yes, but all the technology is in the spoon, isn’t it? So a dish on it’s own isn’t going to get you far.’
‘They’re such a nuisance too. You have to watch them all the time – to make sure they don’t run off, just when they’re needed.’
‘True. Ah, well. Nice to talk to you. Thanks for dropping by.’
‘Bye, see you again.’
Cows, naturally, keep up with current events in space.

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